Have a closer look at all the solutions we offer for your exhibition stand:

Stand design concepts


Our aim is to create the best stand design for your product or service, to your requirements, and within your budget. We present you 2D floor plans, 3D designs and videos, and with your input and reviews, together, we create the final design concept. After that, we move on to the technical aspects, and you just sit back and watch your stand concept brought to life by a professional team.



The prime role of the furniture on your booth is to serve the main purpose of your show attendance, to display and emphasize your product to be advertised. Beside this all the seating furniture must be comfortable for you and your visitors and last but not least it also must fit into the whole image of your booth. That is why a wide range of different styles, forms and colors of furniture can be very useful.


  • tables with chrome leg and round wooden top (different colors) – H. 70cm
  • bar tables with chrome leg, round wooden top (different colors) – H. 110cm
  • glass table with chrome leg, round glass top

Chairs and seating furniture

  • wooden chair with chrome structure (different colors and models)
  • plastic chair with chrome structure (different colors and models)
  • upholstered chair with chrome structure
  • bar stools – adjustable or non-adjustable, different colors and shapes
  • hassock/footstool – different models
  • leather armchairs – black and white colors
  • sofas for 2 or 3 – leather or fabric cover

Coffee tables with wooden top, glass top, round or rectangular shape

Show cases and display furniture

  • low or high
  • with inbuilt lights and lock
  • wooden counter with show-case top
  • inbuilt showcases in the booth’s walls
  • niches in the stand’s walls
  • glass or wooden shelves and shelf-structures

Side boards and podiums in different size, lockable or not

Information counters in individual wooden design

Storage furniture:

  • shelves and shelf-racks
  • coat hangers (standing or hooks)
  • lockable



You can choose from the very basic and economical exhibition carpets to the most luxurious, multi-level podiums with shiny surface determined by your budget and concept:

  • carpet or carpet tiles
  • raised floor – laminated cover – wooden imitation or different colors
  • PCV-floors
  • artificial grass, etc.

Lighting and electrical installations


Lights play an important role in placing your product in the best position. We can offer different types:

  • white (cold/halogen) or yellow lights
  • inbuilt spots and lights
  • long-armed lamps or with clamps
  • deco-lamps: standing or pending lights
  • fluorescent tubes
  • inbuilt light-boxes

Graphics and advertising


Graphical products are determining in creating and maintaining the identity and image of your company. The range of possibilities to be used on an exhibition booth is almost unlimited. Some of them are produced for a single event, others are reusable:

  • vinyl cut/foil cut (color choice depends on the client)
  • 3D inscriptions and logos
  • digi-printed stickers
  • digi-printed banners and fabrics
  • light-boxes and backlit inscriptions
  • graphic design and printed advertising material
  • pop-ups, roll-up banners, folding panels



All deco elements make part of the interior design. They can provide you with a pleasant and nice ambient while spending the whole day at the fairground, they help creating the required atmosphere at your stand. Deco elements also fulfill other roles, such as dividing different areas of your booth.

  • wallpaper or deco stickers
  • green deco plants
  • flowers in pot, vase or compositions
  • dried flower decoration
  • branches, bamboo
  • deco pebble
  • frames, pictures, photos
  • statues
  • curtains and shadings: fabrics, blinds, spaghetti/string curtains

Audio-Visual Equipment


They play an important role where your products are too large or heavy to be brought to the fairground. Through our audio-video equipment you can present not only your products, but the whole work-flow to your visitors, you can organize professional presentations.

  • screens
  • DVD-players
  • speakers and microphones
  • video projector

Kitchen Equipment


It can be very useful in serving your clients with tasty snacks and drinks, or presenting them your products in case your activity is in the food sector.

  • refrigerator, freezer
  • microwave
  • cooking plate, fryer
  • water heater
  • water dispenser
  • coffee machine
  • snacks and drinks
  • disposable cups, coffee cups, napkins, paper plates, etc.

Other services


Here are some other ways we can be of assistance:

  • translator and interpreter
  • hostess
  • photographer
  • different advertising materials